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The Square Biz Sunglasses

The Square Biz Sunglasses

Give them the blues with this stylish sunglasses!

  • Features: Oversize square trendy blue lens/  blue frames.
  • Material: Acrylic Frame / Plastic
  • Color: Sky Blue
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Materials and care

  • Nails can be worn for 4-14 days.

    Excessive handwashing may cause the nail to lift sooner than desired.

  • Hand Oil is Suggested.

    Be sure to keep your cuticles and hands moisturized with oils, natural butters, etc. after the nails are applied.

  • Not for consumption.

    Please keep out of reach from children under 15 years old, as the nail glue may cause harm or damage if consumed.

  • Reapply & Reuse

    If your nail begins to lift or when you are ready to reuse the nails, carefully remove the nail (if needed) and reapply with a thick layer of the provided glue.

    Nail Sweep Instructions 
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  • Shipping Policy

    Nail Sweep is currently only shipping within the United States.