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Glitter- Orange

Glitter- Orange

Let your light shine! Length: Long. Set Includes:

-12 Coffin Gel Nails (w. acrylic)

-1 Nail Glue

-12 Glue Tabs

-1 Nail File

-1 Cuticle Pusher

-1 Alcohol Prep Pad

 -1 Cuticle Oil

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What are customers saying?

"I can't believe they lasted 2 weeks, just like the salon..."

-Verified Customer

"What kind of glue is this, super glue? Lol."

-Verified Customer

Materials and care

  • Nail Care Tips

    1. Keep your nail glue in your purse/bag for any quick-fix.

    2. Wear gloves if your hands will be in water or harsh chemicals excessively (if possible).

    3. Order our Manicure Set for great tools to help clean your cuticles, safely remove press on's, and provide care for your nails.

    4. Do not use your nails as tools. Use the side of your finger or find alternative tools for tasks that may break your nails.

    5. Apply a top coat. This will help secure the nails and keep them looking shiny once they have been worn and helps reinforce .

  • Nails can be worn for 4-14 days.

    Excessive handwashing may cause the nail to lift sooner than desired.

  • Hand Oil is Suggested.

    Be sure to keep your cuticles and hands moisturized with oils, natural butters, etc. after the nails are applied.

  • Not for consumption.

    Please keep out of reach from children under 15 years old, as the nail glue may cause harm or damage if consumed.

  • Reapply & Reuse

    If your nail begins to lift or when you are ready to reuse the nails, carefully remove the nail (if needed) and reapply at your convenience with a thick layer of the provided glue.

    Nail Sweep Instructions 
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  • Shipping Policy

    Nail Sweep is currently only shipping within the United States. All orders will ship within 72 business hours of payment. Delivery times can vary based on the selected shipping method.