Nail Sweep Instructions

Step 1: CLEAN & BUFF

Remove any nail polish or acrylic nails with pure acetone/acetone nail polish remover (~20 minutes). Clip your nails. Use a manicure tool (if possible) to push back cuticles and buffer the top of your nails (~15 seconds each or until the acrylic/shine is gone). Wash your hands then allow them to dry completly. Use the alcohol prep pad on each nail to clean off any excess oil.


Place each nail on the desired finger to confirm the correct size. Lay the nails out in order (file the nails if desired).


Add a THICK layer of the provided nail glue directly to your nail bed. Quickly apply the nail near the cuticle and press down towards the tip. Press up on your natural nail from underneath to ensure that the press on nail is fully applied. Hold mid-nail for ~20 seconds.


Find a bowl, add a bit of liquid soap, cuticle oil and warm water. Hold each hand/nail down in the soapy water for 10-15 minutes. Wiggle the artificial nail to loosen the press on from the nail bed. Resoak for 5 minutes if the nails are not lifting. Take a manicure stick and gently run it around the edges of the nail in a gentle rocking motion. Slowly work around the nail to lift the press-on nails from the nail beds. Wiggle and slide the nail off carefully, along with any leftover glue residue. Buffer nails to remove any remaining nail glue. and Finish up by washing your natural nails in soap water.

Clean the artificial nails with soapy water and dry with paper towel. Store in the Nail Sweep bag/box until next use.


1. Keep your nail glue in your purse/bag for any quick-fix.

2. Wear gloves if your hands will be in water or harsh chemicals excessively (if possible).

3. Order our Manicure Set for great tools to help clean your cuticles, safely remove press on's, and provide care for your nails.

4. Do not use your nails as tools. Use the side of your finger or find alternative tools for tasks that may break your nails.

5. Apply a top coat. This will keep your nails looking shiny once they have already been worn.


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